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Comfort Rose Assisted Living Facility:

Our mission at our all-male developmental disabilities assisted living facility is to provide our residents with a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment. Where they can thrive and live fulfilling lives. We are committed to providing individualized care that promotes physical, emotional, and intellectual growth while fostering a sense of community and brotherhood.

We believe in treating each resident with dignity and respect, recognizing their unique needs and abilities. Our dedicated staff is trained to provide high-quality, person-centered care that enables our residents to achieve their fullest potential and lead meaningful lives.

We strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that encourages socialization, skill-building, and personal growth. We offer a wide range of activities and programs that cater to each resident’s interests and abilities, allowing them to pursue their passions and form deep connections with others.

At our all-male developmental disabilities assisted living facility, we are dedicated to creating a supportive community that celebrates diversity and fosters a sense of belonging. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of excellence in developmental disabilities care and ensuring that our residents receive the best possible care and attention at all times.

As a parent of an individual with developmental disabilities (IDD), the thought of placing your child in an assisted living facility can be overwhelming and guilt-ridden. It is natural to feel like you are abandoning your child or failing as a parent, but the truth is that an assisted living facility can provide the necessary support and care that your child needs to thrive.

The decision to move your child into an assisted living facility should not be taken lightly, and it is important to have open and honest conversations with your child about the decision. Here are some things to consider when talking to your IDD child about assisted living:

Explain the reasons for the move

It is important to explain to your child why the move to an assisted living facility is necessary. Whether it is due to medical needs, safety concerns, or simply the need for more support and care, your child needs to understand why this decision is being made.

Involve your child in the decision-making process

Even if your child is not capable of making decisions independently, it is important to involve them in the process as much as possible. This can include touring facilities together, discussing different options, and allowing your child to express their thoughts and concerns.

Address any fears or concerns

Moving to a new environment can be scary for anyone, but it can be especially daunting for someone with IDD. Take the time to address any fears or concerns your child may have and provide reassurance and support.

Emphasize the positive aspects of assisted living

While it can be easy to focus on the negative aspects of moving to an assisted living facility, it is important to also emphasize the positive aspects. This can include the opportunity to make new friends, participate in activities, and receive specialized care and support.

Be honest about your own feelings

It is okay to feel guilty or sad about the decision to move your child into an assisted living facility. It is important to be honest with your child about your own feelings and acknowledge that this is a difficult decision for everyone involved.

At the end of the day, the decision to move your IDD child into an assisted living facility is not an easy one. However, it is important to remember that this decision is being made with your child’s best interests in mind. By having open and honest conversations with your child, and providing support and reassurance, you can help ease the transition and ensure that your child receives the care and support they need to thrive.

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