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At Comfort Rose Assisted Living, some of the quality services that you will enjoy including full housekeeping and laundry services, gourmet home-style cooked meals and snacks, customized care plans, help with medications, assistance with all appointments and transportation arrangements, help with activities of daily living – this includes but is not limited to – bathing, dressing, eating, transferring, continence and toileting.

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Professional and caring awake staff include 24-hour on-call nursing

Certified nursing assistants and trained assistants around the clock. Residents have access to call lights that will alert caregivers to come help day or night.


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Becoming a volunteer is one of the most rewarding experiences in life. At Comfort Rose, you may volunteer to help with a variety of events both inhouse and out in the community. Someone always needs you, and we can help match your abilities to the perfect project.

Assisted Living Facility Service


Are you or your loved one a painter, cook, decorator, writer, outdoor enthusiast, collector, musician, or gardener? You have come to the right place! Every season there are new activities devoted to our inner passion – what feeds our soul. Hobbies bring us joy and remind us of all that is good in the world and inside of us.

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Companion Time

A cup of tea or coffee and a great conversation – it’s so satisfying. Sometimes all you want is someone’s company and to enjoy an afternoon together. At Comfort Rose, we love to hear about special memories and help to create new ones. Enjoying friendship makes life worthwhile for everyone.

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Community Events

We are blessed to live in the Mat-Su Valley where there are plenty of community festivities to keep us busy year-round. Whether it is a town parade, an antique marketplace, or a winter light show, we’ll be there to help celebrate.

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Senior University

Continue to learn and explore new things through online learning opportunities. Did you know that “How to” classes are available online for free. Impress your kids and grandchildren by posting pictures to social media, or start a new hobby, like photography.

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